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Hi, boys & girls.
My native speech-language is Spanish; sorry if this text sounds strange/rare.
These days I am reading --and asking for-- a lot about wxWidgets because I want to write an interpreter for a prog-language that yet there is not in wxWidgets.
I have found that there is wxPython, wxLua, wxUnderC, wxCINT and wxBasic.I consider that wxBasic is similar to the one I need.
I am with my son in an implementation of wxLuaFreeze and I like it. And I see that wxBasic is similar (in execution from console).
I would like to get wxBasic sources and read them for knowing about what do I need for writing an interpreter for the prog-language I need.
I want some guidance about wxBasic: the first (main) program I need to edit, if every command/function/property is in a text-file then how must be structured this text-file.
I can see in a .BAT that (1) first we must execute REDIR and BISON for detecting syntax errors, then (2) we execute QBASIC for creating the wrappers (¿?), and then (3) we execute MAKE for compiling the program.In this case I ask you: (a) how can I get REDIR and BISON?, (b) why is needed to create wrappers?, (3) what is the structure of the source files of the project --or how can I get it-- for me to explore addequately the project? (4) is wxEditor the only IDE for "design" the frames and controls? or is the best for wxBasic? could I use VisualWx or wxFormBuilder or CodeBlocks or wxDevC++? I ask this... not for changing something, but for knowing about the raising of wxWidgets or these utilities.
If I could get --for the interpreter I need-- the same scenario than current wxBasic, it could be enough.
Something else:One answer --that I received-- indicated me that "wxWidgets sources can be compiled for my prog-language" because this way I can call the wxWidget functions for creating controls. But I consider that any wxWidgets DLL --compiled by a mate or a colleague for Windows-- could be used by my Win-machine: I think that if the DLL runs for a .Net language, it would run for "any" Win-programming language.Why that colleague said me that I must compile it if any other compilation (to DLL) serves me? In what am I wrong? If somebody already compiles wxWidgets to DLL, I think I could use it copying it to my machine and writing a program (in any prog-language) for using that wxWidgets DLL.
Thanks and that God blesses you and me.
HERNAN CANO MARTINEZSystems Analyst - Programmer
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