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Sun Jun 15 20:20:29 CEST 2014

Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

There is no entry for 'code object' (unlike, for instance 'class object'). There is an entry for 'code' and a subentry for 'object' with four links.

The fourth link is to the short definition in the library manual:
is better as it includes the header line. This is the one that should be used elsewhere.

The entry says "See The standard type hierarchy for more information."

The third link is to the long definition in the datamodel section.
Again, the header line is cut off. I presume this is because the index directive is after rather than before the header line. I think the short definition should point directly here.

The second link is to code objects in the C-API

The first link is to marshal, because marshal marshals code objects. 

In other words, the unlabeled links are in the reverse order of what one would want. More helpful would be something like

code object

title: Add "code object" to glossary -> Index "code object" and link to code object definition

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