[docs] No reference for string.format()

anatoly techtonik techtonik at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 11:48:38 CEST 2014

I tried to give people a link to string.format() documentation
and found that there is no good example or user reference.

- what this does first is confuses people, because it is too
abstract and goes deep into some awkward BNF, then lists
a lot of letters, and only then, in the next chapter, is the

It looks like the order is reversed from the usual way people
1. example
2. overview
3. user details
4. developer details

I am not aware of any kind of optional documentation writing
guide for Python? Maybe it is a good way to write one? I
know many people are aware of WriteTheDocs. What people
there say about issues such as this? Is there a systematic
approach to heal that?

anatoly t.
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