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Kathleen Weaver added the comment:

It was Visual Studio that messed up the end of line feeds, it keep telling me that there was a problem but I didn't know what it meant.  Erik and I were in #pyladies and he really helped me.

As soon as I get done with gym and other mundane errands I will get back on this.

I can't get over how helpful and nice everyone is! <smile>

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Subject: [issue20265] Bring Windows docs up to date

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Éric Araujo wrote:
> From #20265:

Correction, this is #20265, that message was from #20266 :)

Kathleen: both Éric and I have left some review comments for you in Rietveld, which should have sent you an email with the comments and links to the Rietveld review.

Also, if you're having end-of-line issues, I would recommend turning on the Mercurial eol extension (either edit "%userprofile%\Mercurial.ini" manually, or use the Extensions section of File -> Settings... from TortoiseHg Workbench).  To work most effectively, you'll need to update to the 'null' revision, then update back to default after turning on eol.  That will ensure that most files have \r\n line endings and hg can keep line endings straight for you thereafter.

Here's a sample of my Mercurial.ini with some other things you may be interested in:

;keep eols straight

;delete untracked files (helps with starting from a clean slate)

;colorize output, including making trailing whitespace visible in diffs

;create several clones that share history, useful for keeping
;separate clones per branch without having to pull individually

;don't try to commit when importing a patch
import = --no-commit

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