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> In a narrative such as the current article, a code point value is usually written in hexadecimal.

I find use of the word "narrative" intimidating in the context of a technical documentation.

In general, I find it disappointing that the Unicode HOWTO only gives hexadecimal representations of non-ASCII characters and (almost) never represents them in their true form. This makes things more abstract than necessary.

> This is a vague claim. Probably what was intended was: "Many Internet standards define protocols in which the data must contain no zero bytes, or zero bytes have special meaning."  Is this actually true? Are there "many" such standards?

I think it actually means that Internet protocols assume an ASCII-compatible encoding (which UTF-8 is, but not UTF-16 or UTF-32 - nor EBCDIC :-)).

> --> "Non-Unicode code systems usually don't handle all of the characters to be found in Unicode."

The term *encoding* is used pervasively when dealing with the transformation of unicode to/from bytes, so I find it confusing to introduce another term here ("code systems"). I prefer the original sentence.

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