[docs] [issue13437] Provide links to the source code for every module in the documentation

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Tue Mar 18 22:51:27 CET 2014

A.M. Kuchling added the comment:

Here's a patch for some of Julian's suggested modules.  I went through Julian's list and included code links for the ones that a) weren't packages or only written in C, b) only had one Python file (which excluded os.path = posixpath.py/ntpath.py) and c) had docstrings or comments that seemed useful.

datetime and difflib in particular have very good comments (and they're both by Tim Peters).  Possibly controversial: for CSV the patch links to both csv.py and _csv.c; for decimal it links to decimal.py and _decimal.c.  We could exclude these two.

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Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file34499/13437-patch.txt

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