[docs] Bring Doc/using/windows up to date (issue 20265)

zachary.ware at gmail.com zachary.ware at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 20:57:02 CET 2014

Here's a review of the latest patch.

File Doc/faq/windows.rst (right):

Doc/faq/windows.rst:20: The situation has been made somewhat simpler
since Python 3.3, which
This would make more sense if the old first sentence were kept, leading
into the new one.

Doc/faq/windows.rst:21: introduced the launcher for windows.  Use is
Windows should be capitalized.  It would also be simpler to make "the
laucher for Windows" into the link to the discussion of it.

Doc/faq/windows.rst:40: Unless you use some sort of integrated
development environment, you will end up
Trailing whitespace.

Doc/faq/windows.rst:46: Command Prompt followed by (Admin)  You should
be able to recognize
Missing period after (Admin).

Doc/faq/windows.rst:75: Python 3.3.0 (v3.3.0:bd8afb90ebf2, Sep 29 2012,
10:55:48) [MSC v.1600 32 bit (Intel)] on win32
If it hasn't already been, every instance of "3.3" or "python33" should
be updated to 3.4 (or 3.5 if you're working from the default branch)

Doc/faq/windows.rst:92: Windows command prompt.
This should be updated to mention the quit and exit functions.

Doc/faq/windows.rst:147: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000549.htm
and note that both Windows
This should be made into a proper link with a title instead of a bare
text link.

Doc/faq/windows.rst:350: http://www.winzip.com.)
No need for the change here, the file should always end with a blank

File Doc/using/windows.rst (right):

Doc/using/windows.rst:30: * Module Docs -Module Documentation
Missing a space in "-Module" to match the others.  Also, this line
should be  between IDLE and Python (alphabetical order, to match the
start menu entries).

Doc/using/windows.rst:83: * Find the Python directory and double click
These last two aren't really shortcuts.

Doc/using/windows.rst:86: Python through the launcher for windows.  Use
is discussed
Windows should be capitalized.

Doc/using/windows.rst:90: window will close immediately, usually faster
than the user can read.
The window will close as soon as the script exits.

Doc/using/windows.rst:92: Finding the Python executable
This section should get the ".. _setting-envvars:" marker, since it is
the closest thing resembling the former section on environment

Doc/using/windows.rst:100: in Windows 8, you must use the Command Prompt
I don't believe this added sentence is true.  If non-administrative
Command Prompt ignored PATH, it would be completely useless.  Either
way, it doesn't fit in this paragraph.

Doc/using/windows.rst:111: The alternative is manually modifying the
:envvar:`%PATH%`.  See the
I would combine this with the previous paragraph; "If you don't enable
this option at install time you can always re-run the installer to
choose it, or manually change :envvar:`PATH` yourself."

No need to remove the blank line here.

Doc/using/windows.rst:187: #. Launch a command prompt [Windows 8 -
Launch Command Prompt (Admin)]
On 2014/03/18 02:27:06, kathweaver wrote:
> Actually it is a new available option for Windows 8 users, so it
should be
> there.  The average Windows 8 probably doesn't know there are two
choices, it
> had me scratching my head for a while. 

The "Command Prompt (Admin)" option from right-clicking the start menu
button is just a shortcut for right clicking Command Prompt in the start
menu itself and choosing Run As Administrator, which is just as it was
in Windows 7 and Vista.  We should be trying to be version agnostic
anyway, so it's better to either leave this as it was, or remove "(might
require administrative rights)" from the preceding paragraph and add
"with administrative privileges" or similar where your added note is.

It should be reasonably obvious that "Command Prompt (Admin)" is a
Command Prompt with administrative privileges.

Doc/using/windows.rst:545: There is `Python Tools for Visual Studio
<https://pytools.codeplex.com/>`_ an addon published
"`Python Tools ...`_ is an add-on for Visual Studio published by
Microsoft that turns Visual Studio into a full-featured Python IDE.  It
is not compatible with Express editions of Visual Studio."

Doc/using/windows.rst:564: The proposal for the launcher to be included
in the Python distribution.
No need for the changes at the end here; the file should always end with
a blank line.


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