[docs] resource.getpagesize documentation error

Culp, Steven (ARC-PX)[Lockheed Martin Space OPNS] steven.culp at nasa.gov
Wed Mar 26 01:44:44 CET 2014


On http://docs.python.org/2/library/resource.html#resource.getrusage, it says
Returns the number of bytes in a system page. (This need not be the same as the hardware page size.) This function is useful for determining the number of bytes of memory a process is using. The third element of the tuple returned by getrusage()<http://docs.python.org/2/library/resource.html#resource.getrusage> describes memory usage in pages; multiplying by page size produces number of bytes."
The last sentence of the above appears to be incorrect - at least on my Windows PC running Cygwin with Python 2.6.8.  The third element of the tuple returned by getrusage (according to tests using Python and C getrusage functions) appears to be kbytes.

Hope this helps.

-Steve Culp
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