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R. David Murray added the comment:

The help isn't targeted at teaching you to use the module.  The help is targeted at *reminding* you how to use the module after you've read the full documentation, which usually does contain examples (though generally not at the top of the page...they are usually at the bottom or interspersed...it is a *reference* guide after all, the tutorial is a separate thing with yet a different target).  I'm afraid, though, that if you find the help to be a wall of words, you'll find the library reference worse.  You might be best serve by checking out the book/website "Python Module of the Week" (pymotw.com), which has a more tutorial style and more examples.

I've never see the Quick Basic style docs.  I don't know if that style would be applicable to Python modules.

Bottom line right now, though, is that this isn't really a useful issue for the bug tracker.  If you want to discuss strategies for making overall improvements in the documentation, that's something that should be done with the group of people who focus on documentation.  Their mailing list is docs at python.org if you want to join the team and advocate for a change (your suggestion has already been posted to that mailing list by the bug tracker, FYI).

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