[docs] [issue22738] improve 'python -h' documentation for '-c'

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Tue Oct 28 03:37:46 CET 2014

R. David Murray added the comment:

Well, again, your suggested change for sys.argv is less optimal English.  The text as is seems fine to me.

'feed' is a term generally used when there is a source separate from the command (for example, we speak about a unix pipe feeding data from one command to the next).  A command line argument is not generally spoken about as being "fed" into the command.  And the relevance of pickle in this context completely escapes me.  Interpret programs is what Python does (Python is, after all, one of the class of programs referred to as an interpreter).

I thank you for your desire to improve the python documentation, but so far your suggestions have not been improvements.  It would probably be most helpful if you stick to pointing out places where you found the documentation confusing, explain your confusion as much as you can, and leave the writing of the improvements to the native English speakers.

title: improve sys.argv, 'python -h' documentation -> improve  'python -h' documentation for '-c'

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