[docs] [issue22153] There is no standard TestCase.runTest implementation

Antoine Pitrou report at bugs.python.org
Wed Oct 29 01:16:45 CET 2014

Antoine Pitrou added the comment:

Le 29/10/2014 00:22, Martin Panter a écrit :
> Martin Panter added the comment:
> Removing stuff from the documentation would make it hard to
> understand
what existing code means that uses runTest(). Isn’t this a case where
you would add a big red “Deprecated since version . . .” warning
instead? Maybe a comprimise would be to “hide” its documentation away in
a separate deprecated section or something.

Well, I wasn't proposing a deprecation (although that can be done as
well, if we want). I was proposing that this detail be hidden. I don't
know if it would make existing software harder to understand. I don't
think I've ever seen an actively-maintained project that used runTest().

The simple way to hide it would be to stop documenting the TestCase
constructor and its signature. You aren't supposed to instantiate
TestCase yourself.


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