[docs] [issue23156] Update tix install information in tkinter tix chapter of doc

Terry J. Reedy report at bugs.python.org
Sat Jan 3 22:55:24 CET 2015

New submission from Terry J. Reedy:

Update tix install info in doc.  "Using tix" starts with 3 lines for testing one's tix install and continues 

'''If this fails, you have a Tk installation problem which must be resolved before proceeding. Use the environment variable TIX_LIBRARY to point to the installed Tix library directory, and make sure you have the dynamic object library (tix8183.dll or libtix8183.so) in the same directory that contains your Tk dynamic object library (tk8183.dll or libtk8183.so). The directory with the dynamic object library should also have a file called pkgIndex.tcl (case sensitive), which contains the line: package ifneeded Tix 8.1 [list load "[file join $dir tix8183.dll]" Tix]'''

Almost nothing above matches my working-with-tix 3.4.2 Win 7 install.  I do have a tix library directory: python34/tcl/tix8.4.3, but the version number is much newer.  Since it is in the right place, TIX_LIBRARY is not needed and there is none.  python34/DLLs contains tcl86t.dll and tk86t.dll and NO tix####.dll.  Is the once separate tix dll now part of tk dll?  I cannot find pkgIndex.tcl; it is certainly not in the DLLs directory nor in the /tcl.

The current doc seems useless to people who do not have tix working.  See, for example,
which is a semi-repeat question and which claims seeing similar reports elsewhere on the net.

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title: Update tix install information in tkinter tix chapter of doc
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