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Zachary Ware zachary.ware+pydocs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 22:01:57 CET 2015

Hi Richard,

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 1:46 PM, Austin, Richard (CIP Fort Collins)
<richard.austin at hp.com> wrote:
> On this page
> https://docs.python.org/3.1/library/re.html
> in section, the second sentence ends with 'and “1” through “9”
> representing the card with that value'.  Since the ace is represented by
> "a", I believe this should be 'and “2” through “9” representing the card
> with that value'.
> This would also change the regular expression in the code excerpt
> immediately following.  I believe the first line should change to
> valid = re.compile(r"[02-9akqj]{5}$")

Thanks for the report!  However, this has already been fixed in more
recent versions of the documentation (see [1]) and versions before 3.4
are no longer receiving documentation updates.  If you're using Python
3.1 and can't upgrade to 3.4, you can still use the more recent
documentation; just watch out for "Changed in version ..." or "New in
version ..." notes for 3.2 or later.  If you come across something
that doesn't work with 3.1 and doesn't have a version changed or
version added note, that's a documentation bug that we do need to fix!


[1] https://docs.python.org/3/library/re.html#checking-for-a-pair

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