[docs] [issue23512] The list of built-in functions is not alphabetical on https://docs.python.org/2/library/functions.html

Edward D'Souza report at bugs.python.org
Mon Mar 2 22:14:26 CET 2015

Edward D'Souza added the comment:

I think putting them in a separate table is good, but I think it makes more sense to appear right below the existing table at the top of the page. For better or worse, these "non-essential" functions are still builtins in Python 2.

It would be disconcerting if you went to this page looking for a builtin (eg. coerce) and couldn't find it at the top of the page with the other builtins.

Above all, the list of "builtins" should be accurate as to what builtins actually exist in Python 2.


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