[docs] [issue23747] platform module exposes win32_ver function on posix systems

R. David Murray report at bugs.python.org
Tue Mar 24 15:26:24 CET 2015

R. David Murray added the comment:

It is a deliberate choice because the functions accept default values to be returned if the actual values cannot be determined, and because it is easier therefore to write cross-platform scripts if the functions do *not* raise an error when called on the "wrong" platform.  There are other functions in the platform module to use to determine which platform you are on.

Agreed that the fact that they work is currently documented only by implication for those familiar with our doc style (that is, there are no "avaiability" tags, implying they are available on all platforms).  This should be corrected, probably in an introductory paragraph (which will be overlooked by most people reading the docs :)

stage:  -> needs patch

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