[docs] [issue25517] regex howto example in "Lookahead Assertions"

Pavel report at bugs.python.org
Fri Oct 30 06:07:26 EDT 2015

New submission from Pavel:

The example advises ".*[.](?!bat$).*$" expression "to match filenames where the extension is not bat". But here is an example which passes such check:

>>> re.match("(.*)[.](?!bat$).*$", "test.a.bat")
<_sre.SRE_Match object at 0x7ff221996f30>

To my mind use of negative lookbehind expressions (not covered so far in the HOWTO) is better:

>>> re.match("(.*)[.].*(?<!.bat)$", "test.a.bat")

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title: regex howto example in "Lookahead Assertions"
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