[docs] [issue25523] Correct "a" article to "an" article

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Sat Oct 31 10:58:55 EDT 2015

R. David Murray added the comment:

Yes, those deletions are intentional, they make the English read better (to me as a native speaker, at least :)  As Emanuel said, the SMTP thing comes from reading it as an acronym, which is how I generally do it, and I suppose most people do.  Given how thorough Martin has been here, I'm guessing this was the one place that an wasn't used :)

This all looks good to me, except that I would rewrite

  and an isfile and isdir check on it


  and isfile and isdir checks on it

Agree with Serhiy's caveat about decimaltestdata.  Adding Mark to nosy to double check, but I don't think that file should be changed.


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