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Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

Martin> Normally the documentation doesn’t mention changes from Python 2

Right: forward notes in 2.7 doc, no backward notes in 3.x doc. The 2.7 doc has near the top "Note: Tkinter has been renamed to tkinter in Python 3. The 2to3 tool will automatically adapt imports when converting your sources to Python 3."  Perhaps this should be expanded to mention the other tkinter imports.

We collectively agreed that adding backward notes in 3.x docs is not needed for beginners who start with 3.x, and would actively confuse them with information most do not need. I think breaking this rule requires agreement of more than the nosy list here: at minimum, Georg Brandl and Serhiy Storchaka, but better pydev.

There are still occasional issues about removing 2.x mentions or, more likely now, revising leftover 2.x examples.  The OP is complaining about an example that was properly revised.  If a new 2.x note were added, someone might come along and remove it.

I agree with
Mark> Does this open a can of worms?
Just for tkinter, there is also "import tkFont" (2.x) versus "import tkinter.font" (3.x) and similar for other stuff in the 'tkinter' package.  Consequently, the proposed note is incomplete.

Carol> the Tkinter project does start with a capital 'T'
I am not aware of a 'Tkinter project' separate from the tkinter module in the stdlib, maintained by various people, though current mostly by Serhiy.  In any case, the Python project starts with 'P' while the python binaries start with 'p'.

The OP simply made a mistake; there is no bug in the 3.x doc.  The tkinter package (unlike idlelib) follows 3.x rules.  I think the issue should have been closed immediately as 'not a bug', and should be so closed now.

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