[docs] [issue29087] UCS4 support functions are not implemented

STINNER Victor report at bugs.python.org
Tue Dec 27 18:45:28 EST 2016

STINNER Victor added the comment:

Py_UCS4_strlen() added by:

changeset:   72475:8beaa9a37387
user:        Martin v. Löwis <martin at v.loewis.de>
date:        Wed Sep 28 07:41:54 2011 +0200
files:       ...
Implement PEP 393.

Removed by:

changeset:   73236:80a7ab9ac29f
user:        Martin v. Löwis <martin at v.loewis.de>
date:        Mon Oct 31 08:40:56 2011 +0100
files:       Include/unicodeobject.h Objects/unicodeobject.c Objects/uniops.h
Drop Py_UCS4_ functions. Closes #13246.

80a7ab9ac29f came before Python 3.3.0:

haypo at selma$ hg log -r v3.3.0
changeset:   79242:bd8afb90ebf2
branch:      3.3
tag:         v3.3.0
parent:      79237:cb84dcb35114
user:        Georg Brandl <georg at python.org>
date:        Sat Sep 29 09:44:17 2012 +0200
files:       Lib/test/test_sys.py
Fix test_sys.test_implementation for final releases.

Py_UCS4_strlen() was documented but was never part of any public Python release.

=> you can remove the doc.


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