[docs] Want to help; need direction.

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Wed Feb 17 20:17:50 EST 2016

	What’s up - ,

Summary:  I wish to help with documenting Python documentation.  Starting at the ‘complaining’ level.

	I am pretty much a beginner with programming who really wants to learn Python, with just two outdated courses, and few small programs/scripts for myself. 

	I have taught school and ESL, speak a second language and have experience as a lay reader.

	When I read some of the Python documentation, it is clear that beginners could easily be slowed down due to ambiguities and omissions that a more experienced programmer could easily overlook, be he or she either the reader or the writer.  

	What is unclear to me when I click on links is whether I am volunteering for documenting code or documenting documentation, the latter of which is my preference.

	I believe my lack of experience will be a great asset in this.

Appreciate any direction you can give me,

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