[docs] [issue26366] Use “.. versionadded” over “.. versionchanged” where appropriate

Fred L. Drake, Jr. report at bugs.python.org
Fri Feb 19 12:37:14 EST 2016

Fred L. Drake, Jr. added the comment:

Another reason to value the status-quo in this case is that this isn't just
a matter for the Python documentation; it's about the recommended usage for
the markup, which is used by many other packages.

Questions that should be discussed include:

1. Should we clarify the documentation for the current annotations to
   the intended use is more consistently understood, or should we leave
   it as-is?

2. Are other distinct kinds of annotations (such as per-parameter notes)

   If so, we'll need to consider specific reader / information-content
   needs and determine how they should be marked using new constructs.

   This is independent of implementation, which is likely straightforward.


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