[docs] [issue25496] tarfile: Default value for compresslevel is not documented

Hamza T Khan report at bugs.python.org
Mon Jan 4 14:22:22 EST 2016

Hamza T Khan added the comment:

Here is trivial fix for this issue. This is my first patch and I hope that it gets accepted and integrated.

hamza at hamza-ub94:~/git/cpython$ grep compresslevel Lib/tarfile.py
    def gzopen(cls, name, mode="r", fileobj=None, compresslevel=9, **kwargs):
            fileobj = gzip.GzipFile(name, mode + "b", compresslevel, fileobj)
    def bz2open(cls, name, mode="r", fileobj=None, compresslevel=9, **kwargs):
hamza at hamza-ub94:~/git/cpython$

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keywords: +patch
nosy: +hamzatkhan94
Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file41499/Issue25496.v1.patch

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