[docs] [issue25813] co_flags section of inspect module docs out of date

Georg Brandl report at bugs.python.org
Mon Jan 4 17:26:45 EST 2016

Georg Brandl added the comment:

> It's all ready been superceeded, or haven't you woken up to that fact either?

Excuse me for not having all issues in my head.  (And that #26010 states that it's a followup to #26010 doesn't help.)

In the future, please accept that the core developers are who decide about issues being closed or not.  Submitters are only given privilege to close their own issues because it lightens the load on coredevs if issues become obsolete (and no, no answer in less than 30 days does not mean obsolete).  As I already said, abusing that privilege will eventually get you banned - so much the sooner with your past history taken into account.


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