[docs] [issue26020] set_display evaluation order doesn't match documented behaviour

Hamish Campbell report at bugs.python.org
Wed Jan 6 03:46:13 EST 2016

Hamish Campbell added the comment:

> Do you have a use case where `x == y`/`hash(x) == hash(y)` does not mean that `x` and `y` should be interchangeable? True and 1 are 100% interchangeable, minus their str() output, and my example is very unlikely to ever appear in actual code.

No I don't have a use case :)

> The culprit is the BUILD_SET opcode in Python/ceval.c which unnecessarily loops backwards (it looks like it was copied from the BUILD_TUPLE opcode).

Incidentally, pypy seems to behave the same as reported here.


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