[docs] debugging the pydoc/py module

Paul Dunnington fawlty.coder at outlook.com
Tue Jan 5 04:43:24 EST 2016

 I have been trying to learn the language since April and after debugging the pydoc/py module I have been 
making progress. I am using Python 2-4-1 on Risc OS but have seen the same bugs in Raspbian and Windows.
As I don't have internet access I have also altered the HTML docs that I downloaded from 
to integrate better with your HTML docs for Python 2/4/1 that I have downloaded from 
I have changed the files /lib/modindex.html, index.html and modindex.html and added the directory riscos 
with the six altered Risc OS HTML files now with the os.extsep + 'html' extension. On Risc OS you can 
drag the new directory over the old directory and it will over-write the three /html files and write the 
riscos directory and its contents for you, I can't say what will happen on other platforms. 
I have added the help for the isopen() function I have added in the riscospath module because the 
os.fstat() function is not defined in the riscos module and st_ino = 0 for every file in Risc OS anyway I
beleive so samefile() and sameopenfile() returned true for every file. I modified samefile() and 
sameopenfile() to return the correct result according to my tests. I have attached a zipped directory 
containing my pydoc/py, a text file with error line numbers for the pydoc/py files I have had access to 
and a directory containing my html doc changes. I hope this is of some use. 

Paul Dunnington
fawlty.coder at outlook.com
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