[docs] [issue26106] Move licences to literal blocks

Julien report at bugs.python.org
Thu Jan 14 04:36:41 EST 2016

Julien added the comment:

@Serhiy Well spotted, it does not work (as we can see here http://www.afpy.org/doc/python/3.5/license.html).

Anyone having a better background than me in ReStructuredText have an idea ?

About the review of the patch, as a human review may be fastidious, here a script to check that I did NOT modified the content of the licences themselves (still need to trust the command, but it's faster to review than the whole licence text itself):

    diff -w <(grep '^-' literal-licence.patch | cut -b2-) <(grep '^+' literal-licence.patch | cut -b2- | sed 's/\(^ *\)[0-8]\./\1#./g')


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