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Mon Jan 25 10:10:08 EST 2016

importsocketserverclassMyTCPHandler(socketserver.BaseRequestHandler):"""    The RequestHandler class for our server.    It is instantiated once per connection to the server, and must    override the handle() method to implement communication to the    client.    """defhandle(self):# self.request is the TCP socket connected to the clientself.data=self.request.recv(1024).strip()https://docs.python.org/3.4/library/socketserver.html

Excuse me.

 I have not found the request method in socketserver.BaseRequestHandler or socketserver.BaseRequestHandler.handle
by <.__dict__>

I don't know how this example worked. Maybe this is just a "hidden" usage?

Is there a way to look up every attributes and methods of a class or a method? Please tell me if you know how to.

    Thanks in advance.

            George, Yan

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