[docs] [issue25314] Documentation: argparse's actions store_{true, false} default to False/True (undocumented)

Georg Brandl report at bugs.python.org
Thu Jan 28 01:26:15 EST 2016

Georg Brandl added the comment:

Hi Julien, thanks for your patch and sorry for the lack of reviews. I find the new wording in the second hunk confusing:

``'store_true'`` and ``'store_false'`` - These store the values ``False`` respectively (Note that these default to ``False`` and ``True``  respectively).  These are special cases of ``'store_const'``.

On first read, It seems to contradict itself.  I know what is meant, but I think it should be expanded a bit.

Also, the part about ``store_const`` should still mention the default for its value (not for the const). I suppose it's ``None``?

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