[docs] [issue25314] Documentation: argparse's actions store_{true, false} default to False/True (undocumented)

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Thu Jan 28 04:00:20 EST 2016

Julien Baley added the comment:

Hi Georg,

thanks for your answer. I think maybe you're missing a bit in there?

"``'store_true'`` and ``'store_false'`` - These store the values ``True`` and ``False`` respectively (Note that these default to ``False`` and ``True``  respectively).  These are special cases of ``'store_const'``."  (added "``True`` andd")

But if I'm correct, you're talking of the parenthesis which would be confusing? Can we come up with a better wording?

"(and default to False and True if the action is not triggered)" ?

As for `store_const`, R. David Murray says it has no default. It is technically correct: store_const behaves like any other action in that it defaults to whatever the argument `default` in `add_argument` is set to.
The fact that `default` defaults to None is indicated in default:
"The default keyword argument of add_argument(), whose value defaults to None,"
Therefore, I believe it is more correct the way R. David Murray suggested.

What do you think?


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