[docs] [issue27285] Document the deprecation of pyvenv in favor of `python3 -m venv`

Steve Piercy report at bugs.python.org
Fri Jul 1 04:29:57 EDT 2016

Steve Piercy added the comment:

Patch attached for review.

- I built the docs using Sphinx 1.4.1, whereas I think 1.3.3 is in use in production. If you upgrade, you will need to specify the language for syntax highlighting, else you will get hundreds of these error messages:

  /Users/stevepiercy/projects/cpython/Doc/distutils/examples.rst:250: WARNING: Could not lex literal_block as "python3". Highlighting skipped.

  I made my changes accordingly, as they are backward compatible to Sphinx 1.3.3 and will be one fewer thing to update in future releases.
- I removed the file Doc/using/scripts.rst because it became obsolete. This caused warnings in Doc/whatsnew/3.3.rst and Doc/whatsnew/3.4.rst which reference the obsolete file.
- I updated a lot of links to https://packaging.python.org/ and others to save a redirect and to get link checking to pass.
- I replaced confusing colloquialisms of "env", "venv", and "virtualenv" with "virtual environment" as appropriate. This clarifies that a virtual environment is the thing created, whereas `venv`, `pyvenv`, and `virtualenv` are modules/scripts/commands that create a virtual environment, or that "env" is the name of a directory.
- Minor grammar, punctuation, and reST fixes.

hgrepos: +346
keywords: +patch
Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file43598/pyvenv-to-venv.patch

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