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On Jul 3 2016, at 6:33 am, Manikandan Bakthavatchalam
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> Hi,


> First, thanks for this wonderful language.


> I am using python on my mac OSX El Capitan. Where can I find the offline
help files on my mac? In windows, I see people using the offline chm. This is
very useful while programming without having to browse the internet for docs
each time.


> regards,  
> Manikandan


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Hi Manikandan,

We're happy that you like the Python language :-)

One way to have the Python documentation offline on OS X would be to go to the
documentation website (docs.python.org) and then download the entire
documentation (link in the sidebar on the upper left).

Another way would be to download the CPython source code and build the docs

Hope that helps,


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