[docs] [issue27579] Add a tutorial for AsyncIO in the documentation

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Mon Jul 25 21:43:22 EDT 2016

Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

Ludovic: Thank you for the offer.  When I post a proposed text with code to #27546, I will nosy you if you have not already done so by then.

Viktor: 'full integration' by adding a tk update in the standard _run_once is not possible as tkinter is not always present.  I started #27546 by creating a custom subclass, but that requires dealing with the Selector and Proactor subclasses and default loop policy and still will not work with independent implementations.  I considered a tk-loop implementation, but speed tests do not make that very inviting. The simple code I then tried is my current best recommendation.  It will work with any asyncio compatible implementation.  Besides the test with IDLE, Guido tested it with Examples/crawl.py, and I will improve on that.


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