[docs] [issue26462] Patch to enhance literal block language declaration

Julien report at bugs.python.org
Thu Jul 28 09:58:52 EDT 2016

Julien added the comment:


Would you like me to also provide patches for different versions?
I only provided patches for the default branch, but I'll gladly see this applied on other branches, as I often build them all.

Also is a documented policy about maintaining the documentation?
I have some questions like:

- Should we maintain bugfix/security/end-of-life branches?
- Are we even allowed to push a documentation change to them?
- I'm seeing that the 3.x documentation are converging by using the "New in version 3.xx." marks, but they still different, is this effort documented? 
- Is this a goal to merge them on the long term?
- Is there a team on this?


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