[docs] [issue15468] Edit docs to hide hashlib.md5()

Berker Peksag report at bugs.python.org
Fri Jun 10 16:21:53 EDT 2016

Berker Peksag added the comment:

The looks good to me in general, but I'd suggest to refer to the new algorithms_guaranteed and algorithms_available attributes in the following paragraph:

    +:func:`sha512`. The :func:`md5` is typically available, but will be missing if
    +Python has been compiled in FIPS-compliant mode. If hashlib was compiled with
    +OpenSSL support then additional algorithms may also be available depending
    +upon the OpenSSL library that Python uses on your platform. OpenSSL
    +implementations of the builtin algorithms are used if available.

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components: +Documentation
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stage:  -> patch review
type:  -> enhancement
versions: +Python 3.5, Python 3.6 -Python 3.3

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