[docs] [issue27285] Document the deprecation of pyvenv in favor of `python3 -m venv`

Steve Piercy report at bugs.python.org
Wed Jun 29 02:37:57 EDT 2016

Steve Piercy added the comment:

After looking into this issue, I need guidance to better define scope and intent, and how to go about submitting the changes. I found 81 occurrences of the term `pyvenv` in the documentation, either in reST files or docstrings, across about a dozen files.

1. Should I obliterate any mention of `pyvenv` (excluding HISTORY and whatsnew) or preserve a mention or two of it? For example, "`pyvenv` was the recommended tool for creating virtual environments for Python 3.3 and 3.4, and is deprecated in Python 3.6. Beginning in Python 3.5, the use of `venv` is recommended."

2. Is it preferred to submit one patch for all edited files, or one patch per edited file?

TIA for any guidance.


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