[docs] [issue31270] Simplify documentation of itertools.zip_longest

Raphael Michel report at bugs.python.org
Thu Aug 24 12:30:23 EDT 2017

Raphael Michel added the comment:

I just noticed that in my post I accidentally pasted MY implementation twice instead of the old one, sorry for that. Here's the old one for quick comparison:

class ZipExhausted(Exception):

def zip_longest(*args, **kwds):
    # zip_longest('ABCD', 'xy', fillvalue='-') --> Ax By C- D-
    fillvalue = kwds.get('fillvalue')
    counter = len(args) - 1
    def sentinel():
        nonlocal counter
        if not counter:
            raise ZipExhausted
        counter -= 1
        yield fillvalue
    fillers = repeat(fillvalue)
    iterators = [chain(it, sentinel(), fillers) for it in args]
        while iterators:
            yield tuple(map(next, iterators))
    except ZipExhausted:


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