[docs] [issue31283] Inconsistent behaviours with explicit and implicit inheritance from object

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Sat Aug 26 15:06:25 EDT 2017

Vedran Čačić added the comment:

> On the other hand, are there any examples *other* than class and except where this distinction matters?

Of course. For example, "for" semantics mentions StopIteration. Of course it doesn't mean "whatever builtins.StopIteration currently refers to".

[And in a lot of places it would be possible to say that some builtin is implicit in the statement itself: e.g.

    while t:   is equivalent to   while bool(t):
    for a in b:     is equivalent to    for a in iter(b):

- of course, the docs _don't_ currently say so, so maybe this occurance too should just be deleted. But I still think there are lots of places where docs refer to builtins directly.]


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