[docs] [issue29175] Tutorial links to file object methods are broken.

Jonathan Roach report at bugs.python.org
Fri Jan 6 15:47:31 EST 2017

Jonathan Roach added the comment:

OK, I understand that the older versions aren't going to be revised - that makes sense.

I think part of the reason I submitted this is the reader's path from the open() documentation to the most relevant part of the io documentation (the interface) is long and narrow: open()->file object(in the Glossary)->io(see note)..and then scroll several pages down.
Note: the link to io from the 'file object' glossary entry is visually tiny, and in last paragraph - effectively making it almost invisible. This also seems to be the only place in the chain of links from open() which gets you to the io documentation.
When trying to find the interface documentation I tried the visually bigger, earlier links and ended up like I was being given the run-around through the various glossary entries.
As a documentation user I'd ideally like a direct link (which is a bit visually bigger than 'io') from open() to the relevant, interface section of the io documentation. However, upstanding you have a better feel for the tone of the documentation, I can see you might take a different route.


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