[docs] -b option undocumented (issue 11681)

ncoghlan at gmail.com ncoghlan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 22:24:40 EST 2017

File Doc/using/cmdline.rst (right):

Doc/using/cmdline.rst:196: Issue a warning when comparing :class:`bytes`
with :class:`bytearray`.
For 2.x, :class:`unicode` is the relevant cross-reference here.

It may also be worth adding a second paragraph explicitly mentioning the
difference from the Python 3 flag:

Note that, unlike the corresponding Python 3.x flag, this will NOT emit
warnings for comparisons between :class:`str` and :class:`unicode`.
Instead, the ``str`` instance will be implicitly decoded to ``unicode``
and Unicode comparison used.

Doc/using/cmdline.rst:199: .. versionchanged:: 3.5
3.x versionchanged notes are left out of the 2.x docs

However, this should have a "versionadded" note for 2.6 (since it was
added as part of a merge back from the Py3k branch).


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