[docs] [issue28489] Fix comment in tokenizer.c

Eric V. Smith report at bugs.python.org
Sat Jan 21 06:19:11 EST 2017

Eric V. Smith added the comment:

Right, that's basically what _all_string_prefixes() does: it starts with the 6 unique prefixes that are case- and order- independent ('b', 'r', 'u', 'f', 'br', 'fr'), and adds the cased and ordered versions.

If you're saying that we should list those 8, and say "with all combinations of case", then I think we'd better off listing the 6 and saying "with all combinations of case and order". That's mainly because if "fbr" gets added, then the list of ordered ones gets larger.

But it's just a comment. I think we should just commit Ryan's last patch.


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