[docs] [issue29341] Missing accepting path-like object in docstrings of os module functions

Emily Morehouse report at bugs.python.org
Tue Jan 24 01:26:51 EST 2017

Emily Morehouse added the comment:

I see that path-like objects are indeed mentioned in the documentation (Doc/library/os.rst), simply stating "Changed in version 3.6: Supports a path-like object." Other methods, such as os.chroot, also mention such a change.

Comparing the docs mentioned above to the docstrings in Modules/clinic/posixmodule.c.h (and Modules/clinic/posixmodule.c for that matter), there's a clear disparity between the detail in the docs vs brevity in the docstrings (specifically in reference to os.chroot). 

Therefore, my question is: how detailed should the docstrings be and how closely should they match Doc/library/os.rst? I can certainly update the docstrings accordingly.

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