[docs] [issue29381] Tutorial documentation contains undefined reference to #!

Marco Buttu report at bugs.python.org
Mon Jan 30 05:17:23 EST 2017

Marco Buttu added the comment:

The patch LGTM. I think there is just one type (see review). 

By the way, looking at the PEP 0263, the sentence "To define a source code encoding, a magic comment must be placed into the source files either as first or second line in the file" actually is not true. Also because I did not see any point in the PEP that clarifies that the fist line has to be a comment. Maybe it could be deduced by the examples (all using the shebang), but maybe not, and the user could think this is a valid declaration:

print('très jolie')
# -*- coding: ascii -*-

If you think is worth to clarify, I open an issue with a patch for the PEP 0263.


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