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> Hi python fraternity,
> Kindly email me a full pdf of a beginner's guide

Apologies but we don't provide that kind of service. If you go to the
python.org website you will find links to tutorials. That's probably the
best place to start

to start coding and subsequently programming with Python.

That's a wonderful ambition we're glad you're joining the community best of

Also be aware that this email list is primarily for the maintenance and
Improvement of the Python documentation. If you need help you can email
either tutor at python.org or help at python.org.

Couple of requests

When you run into a problem tell us as much as you can about what operating
system you're using, what version of python, what you were expecting, and
what you got. Avoid saying things like it doesn't work. If pertinent tell
us what you did to run the program.

If you get a trace back copy the entire traceback and paste it into your
email. Avoid saying things like I ran this program and I got this error.

Also realize that we will not write code for you but we will assist you in
getting the code that you write correct.

> Thank you.
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