[docs] Portuguese Brazilian Transtlation

André Girol andregirol at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 12:19:10 EDT 2017

Hello folks!

My name is André (aka Girol). I'm new in Python Community and fell in love
with the language and the people.

I noticed that the main documentation is not yet translated to Portuguese
(or not fully translated for a major release).

I would be honored to help with the documentation. If I can join the
translators' team, I would like to know how to start. I also found a github
repo with the brazilian translation, but it is empty.

I helped in the translation of other open source projects such as Pro Git
book (small contribution) and with phpmyadmin core translation and revision
of fuzzy sentences.

Thank you all for your attention and for your amazing work.

Best Regards,

André Luiz Girol
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