[docs] [issue31443] Possibly out of date C extension documentation

Stefan Krah report at bugs.python.org
Sun Sep 17 18:31:48 EDT 2017

Stefan Krah added the comment:

Christian, do you remember which compiler was the reason for the commit

cbf3b5cb76906fba15dbf59a1e83c540a447b907 ?

+       /* Due to cross platform compiler issues the slots must be filled
+        * here. It's required for portability to Windows without requiring
+        * C++. */
        Null_Type.tp_base = &PyBaseObject_Type;
+       Null_Type.tp_new = PyType_GenericNew;
        Str_Type.tp_base = &PyUnicode_Type;

I've never had problems with VS 2008 or greater.

nosy: +christian.heimes

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