[docs] [issue34256] Python treats ASCII record separator ('\x1e') as a newline

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Fri Aug 3 15:47:21 EDT 2018

Terry J. Reedy <tjreedy at udel.edu> added the comment:

A database record is equivalent to a logical line, possible wrapped onto multiple physical lines. So it is plausible.

The 7643 in the test name refers to issue #7643, What is a Unicode line break character?"  It contains this:
> We may add some words to the documentation for str.splitlines() and bytes.splitlines() to explain what is considered a line break character.

For ASCII we should make the list of characters explicit.
For Unicode, we should mention the above definition and give
the table as example list (the Unicode database may add more
such characters in the future).
The test was added but the doc not.  I agree that it would be useful.  Feel free to suggest a doc change.

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title: Python treats ASCII record seperator ('\x1e') as a newline -> Python treats ASCII record separator ('\x1e') as a newline
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