[docs] [issue34369] kqueue.control() documentation and implementation mismatch

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Sun Aug 12 03:50:05 EDT 2018

Tal Einat <taleinat at gmail.com> added the comment:

In Python 3.8 this will have already been fixed (thanks to the recent conversion of the select module to use Argument Clinic); see below output from a recent build from the master branch.

Given that, is this worth fixing on 2.7 and <3.8?

Help on built-in function control:

control(changelist, maxevents, timeout=None, /) method of select.kqueue instance
    Calls the kernel kevent function.

      Must be an iterable of kevent objects describing the changes to be made
      to the kernel's watch list or None.
      The maximum number of events that the kernel will return.
      The maximum time to wait in seconds, or else None to wait forever.
      This accepts floats for smaller timeouts, too.

versions: +Python 3.6

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