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Wed Aug 15 04:08:48 EDT 2018

Jonathan Fine <jfine2358 at gmail.com> added the comment:

You're right! Thank you. However, there's still a problem. A user searches for a technical term, and the carefully written glossary entry defining it does not appear.

For my search term (iterable), there was a single entry with a link to the Glossary page, whose associated text was simply the first few entries in the glossary.
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On a related matter. Sphinx provides an anchor, used for internal navigation with the glossary. But it doesn't provide a permalink to that anchor. Compare 

I think there's a real problem, and that my initial diagnosis was wrong. So I've changed the issue title slightly. (I hope you don't mind.)

The problem is, perhaps, that it is the glossary page that is indexed, rather than the glossary items. Another fix would be, as you suggest, pop up at top of results page a glossary item.

title: Docs search does not index glossary -> Docs search does not index glossary items

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