[docs] [issue32586] urllib2 HOWTO URLError example minor error

Tim Morris report at bugs.python.org
Wed Jan 17 13:00:55 EST 2018

New submission from Tim Morris <timothy at morrises.org.uk>:

In the HOWTO for urllib2 for Python 2, in the Handling Exceptions section, it discusses the URLError exception being raised by urlopen() (https://docs.python.org/2/howto/urllib2.html#urlerror). The code snippet example for this has (I think) a minor error:
the 3rd line reads:
"except URLError as e:"
which I think should be:
"except urllib2.URLError as e:"

The code as given only works if urllib2 had been imported via:
"from urllib2 import *"
The snippet doesn't list the import statements but all the other examples just use "import urllib2" (and obviously "from x import *" is bad practice anyway and wouldn't be encouraged or expected).

I am relatively new to Python, so it's possible it *is* correct and I just implemented it incorrectly. But if not, it would be helpful to correct it (even though it's a very minor error) so that other newbies like me don't come unstuck when using the tutorial.

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title: urllib2 HOWTO URLError example minor error
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