[docs] [issue29344] sock_recv not detected a coroutine

Berker Peksag report at bugs.python.org
Mon Jan 22 12:10:14 EST 2018

Berker Peksag <berker.peksag at gmail.com> added the comment:

> We only fixed it in 3.7 and the doc was updated.  3.6 stays as is.

I'm not talking about fixing code in 3.6. In 3.6, sock_* methods still documented as coroutines but they are normal functions:

* https://docs.python.org/3.6/library/asyncio-eventloop.html#low-level-socket-operations
* https://github.com/python/cpython/blob/4002d5dbf4c058bbf2462f9f5dea057956d1caff/Doc/library/asyncio-eventloop.rst#low-level-socket-operations
* https://github.com/python/cpython/blob/4002d5dbf4c058bbf2462f9f5dea057956d1caff/Lib/asyncio/selector_events.py#L354

3.6 documentation still needs to be fixed. See my patch.


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